Terms & Conditions

In line with our general philosophy, we’ve endeavoured to keep all this in plain English. Please read this carefully as it is for your own protection and clarification as well as ours. If you would like anything clarifying further, just get in touch & we’ll be delighted to clarify.

Please note that we consider your deposit payment to be a legally binding acceptance of the following T&Cs. This will always be mentioned in our initial proposal.



Generally speaking, we work without formal contracts, but we consider the following to be legally binding:

  • Acceptance of our proposal for a job indicates (as stated in the proposal) that you agree to abide by the terms & conditions laid out on this page. Please, therefore, read the below carefully and in full.


Web work payment terms are set out within our quotes & proposals and payment indicates acceptance of these terms.

Training payments are payable before the training without exception – no payment = no training.

Web Design Deposit Payments

Unless agreed otherwise before the commencement of the job, deposits are payable as 50% of the total quote. If we agree a payment plan with you that involves splitting the payments into more than two parts, all payments up to 50% of the total job quote will be regarded as deposits.  All deposits are non-refundable once the job has started – the start of the job will be defined as setting up the development site.

Late Payments

We send PDF invoices via email and state the terms (payment due date) on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest for payments that fail to be paid on time, in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act (1988). This says that for debts of less than £1,000 the penalty is £40, which rises to £70 for debts up to £9,999.99, and £100 for anything above that. We will also charge you interest of 8 percent over the Bank of England base rate for late payments. Please let us know ASAP if you can’t make the agreed payment date.

Job Completion - web design

If, for any reason, the job is delayed for 90 days or more, due to inaction on your part, we’ll send an invoice for the full balance. Your acceptance of our quote indicates you If we have finished building the website, we’ll send you an invoice for the full balance. The finished website will be yours to do with as you will – whether you end up using it or not does not affect the full balance being owed. Payment of the deposit indicates that you accept  this condition.

Site Content & Revisions

You agree to present us with full finished content for the website i.e. finished logo, text and images. 

After putting up this and agreeing the design, we are happy to do a reasonable amount of tweaking.  We define this as two rounds of revisions, which can cover any parts of the website. This doesn’t include tweaking any errors on our side.

Further revisions can be made, but will be defined as an expansion of the agreed work, and will incur an extra charge.

We are happy to train you to tweal content and images on the site, and unless otherwise stated in our intitial agreement, this training will be part of your web design package.


Once we’ve begun work, any paid fees are non-refundable.


If the client wants to cancel at any point during the project, they will be liable for any work that has been done and will be invoiced for said work, without exception.

Web Hosting Payments

We charge yearly for web hosting, If, for any reason, you choose to move your hosting elsewhere during that year, payment is non-refundable.  You remain free to move your website hosting away from us at any point, but under that condition.

Elementor Pro

If you are using Elementor Pro on your website through our multi-site licence, you need to be aware that the licence is ultimately ours and not yours. This doesn’t affect any of the day to day running of the website or how it’s built, but it does mean you won’t have direct access to Elementor support. You are welcome  to buy your own Elementor Pro licence if this is an issue. 

Please be aware that you need to keep up yearly hosting payments to qualify for your Elementor Pro use, as this is offered as part of the hosting package.

Web Hosting

For all web hosting packages, you are required to abide by the terms of our server company, the details of which can be found by clicking HERE – this essentially means that you are expected to only run clean code and you understand that malicious content, or any content that could breach our security standards will not be permitted. You also agree that we are free to update these standards as and when appropriate.    



If any content  (images, text, animations, layouts etc) for a project is provided by the client, it is their legal responsibility to ensure that this material does not infringe any copyright.

Stock Photography and video

Sometimes we may, with your agreement, use paid for stock images or videos. These images or videos are one-time purchases for use solely on the website – they do not give you any permission to use them elsewhere e.g. in promotional materials

Intellectual Property Rights

Abisti retains all intellectual property rights to your website (apart from anything you’ve given us to work with), until such time as you pay your balance in full. At this point, the copyright & intellectual property rights transfer to you. This includes any scripts or images we’ve designed for you.