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Project Description

Jacek Markunas Artist

markunas.co.uk is the official website dedicated to the art of the artist, Jacek Markunas a graduate of the Academy of fine Arts in Lodz, under the supervision of Roman Modzelewski.

Abisti provided a strategy, logo design, website design and development for the site. This required incorporating and updating some existing elements that were valuable to the client. This clean and fresh new design provides visitors with a more user friendly navigation, and properly showcases the paintings of the artist. As with all our sites, Markunas site is completely updatable, aided by free training.

As with all our CMS (content management system) sites, the build was complimented by a series of online videos showing the client how to fully update their content.

“First class advice, especially on WordPress but also on web page design. Can strongly recommend.  I found the company very helpful, very efficient,  an excellent service provided overall and am delighted with the outcome.”
Krystyna Markunas