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Project Description

Gail is a professional psychic who also sells related-ephemera online. Our task was to integrate three separate sites that Gail had running independently of each other and turn it into an authority site recognised by Google for various search terms. It’s just on of the site’s where our client has stopped paying in order to concentrate on our SEO and the greater yield it returns.

The site has an online shop, integrated with Payal and also an online appointment booking feature where Gail’s clients can book and pay for psychic sessions with her. There are also the usual pages with more traditional text and pictures.

All this is completely updatable by the client. As with all our CMS (content management system) sites, the build was complimented by a series of online videos showing the client how to fully update their content.

”Great experience and very positive results. Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service.”

Gail Hart, Gail Hart