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Project Description

Our involvement with Diagnostic Ultrasound came about when the doctor from another similar company retired. This other company had enjoyed ten years at the top of search engines with our help and we were happy to transfer all that goodwill and business over to Sally Hill at Diagnostic Ultrasound, as well as giving her present site an overhaul.
Diagnostic Ultrasound now enjoys great rankings for their services covering a wider catchment area than previously and we’re looking forward to a long and happy relationship.

“The time had come to get a new modern looking website… that people would find more attractive and get more people to call me. And that’s what it’s done, so that’s been great. Absolutely thrilled – although it looks modern and up to date, it looks professional, and because I’m in the¬†medical business, that’s what we want.”
Sally Hill, CEO, Diagnostic Ultrasound