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We believe in doing it properly and getting it right. We absolutely base our success on your happiness and you seeing the results you want (and beyond in many cases). We’re also known for our friendliness, honesty and lack of nonsense – we believe in being clear and using plain English to explain everything.

We like to think we’re the sort of people that you’d like and trust, and feel comfortable doing business and spending time with. Many of our clients become and remain close friends.

We are based in Lewes, East Sussex, UK  though our clients are dotted across Europe and our team is based around the world. We believe in the personal touch, however, so you’ll always deal with myself – Gerard – or my wife Joanna.

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Abisti Web Design was established by Gerard Evans in 1999. In 2008, Abisti Web Design was incorporated into Branson Bond Ltd (which is also Gerard’s company run with his wife Joanna and includes internet marketing as well as web design).

Today we employ people worldwide but keep the day to day running of the company as just the two of us, retaining the personal touch. You’ll deal with Gerard for all web design concerns and Joanna wherever finance is concerned.