“Professional, Helpful, value for money, nothing too much trouble are just a few of the things I could mention about Abisti. For someone like me who was a complete novice on web design, build and management, within a very short space of time I was more than confident to be using my new website from behind the scenes, and that my clients where seeing a professional looking site that was pleasing to the eye, informative and working the way all Web Directory sights should work.”
Shaun Cannell, Client Development Director, LegalComprehensive.com
Gerard Evans’ web design and hosting services exemplify professionalism and customer service rarely matched in today’s service industries. Delegated with the responsibility to deliver a website for a professional institute he and his team met the brief admirably – understanding, knowledgeable, creative and always there to answer questions in innovative ways.
Tom McClurg, CEO, Internal Control Institute UK & Ireland
I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism of Abisti in the construction of and, very importantly, the maintenance of my website. It is vital to my business that I have an eye-catching and user-friendly site that functions well and is uncluttered by uneccassary attachments, and one that can be updated quickly and with ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Abisti to one and all
Danny O’Rawe, Belfast Herbalist, http://belfastherbalist.co.uk

Hi, I’m Gerard Evans, owner of Abisti the premier internet marketing advertising agency offering SEO Lewes services. We cater for Lewes and it’s surrounding Sussex areas including Eastbourne, Brighton, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill.

In fact, we cater for clients across Europe but are based in Lewes, the county town of East Sussex, and we’re especially happy to help local business increase their web presence to help them towards greater profitability.

SEO Lewes

If you’re looking for great search engine optimisation  in and around the Lewes area of Sussex then you’ve come to the right place. Just give me a call on 01273 252575 and I’ll be happy to have a friendly no-obligation chat about your SEO requirements.

We also provide high quality web design, internet marketing consulting, tuition and everything else you’ll need to succeed with your website –  all delivered at prices that offer you a massive return on investment and explained in Plain English!

Whilst we are based in Lewes, East Sussex, we only use the best , so our team is global – we have experts dotted across the continents. You, on the other hand, will only  ever have to deal with us – that’s myself Gerard and my wife Joanna. I deal with all the technical geeky stuff and she deals with all the money side of things.

So, we give you a friendly family company experience but with global professional standards and expertise.

Seeing as you’ve found this website, it’s a safe bet that you already realise how increasingly essential it is for small businesses to follow the lead of larger ones and invest in not only a website, but how well a website performs. Here’s what we offer:

Better Rankings

The main job of a search engine is to return accurate results. Search engines wouldn’t last a week if they didn’t do this, so naturally it is their main concern.

In order to ensure good search engine rankings then, you have to know exactly what search engines are looking for when returning their results. You also have to keep a constant eye on the everchanging way these results are calculated. That’s what we do aa Abisti, and what we offer to business in Lewes and the surrounding areas.

SEO Lewes – In IT For The Long Term

Here at Abisti we specialise in making sure your website rankings are good for the long term. You should be aware that it’s possible to push a website up the rankings temporarily, only to have it fall spectacularly after a short while, never to return to the top.

That’s not how we do things here – here we always look to make sure that your SEO results are long lasting and ensure you have a long term presence at the top of the search engines.

Abisti was established in 1999, so we’re definitely around for the long term to serve SEO to the people of Lewes and further afield.

Increased Brand Awareness

The benefits of brand awareness are enormous, as proven by the amazing mounts spent on it by big companies. With SEO Lewes (and beyond), you don’t need a massive budget to increase your brand awareness, you just need to spend it wisely.

Once you are an established brand in peoples’ minds, they will automatically trust you over a brand they’ve never heard of – even if they have no previous experience of your products and services.

Fantastic Return On Investment

In 2013, advertisers all over the world spent more than £28 BILLION GBP on Google advertising to spread the word about their business products and services. All advertising has costs but SEO provides a great ROI! Whereas Google Pay Per Click campaigns are an ongoing massive cost in many sectors, a great SEO campaign can deliver you the same results for a fraction of the investment.

What is search engine optimisation?

I’ve been doing SEO – or search engine optimisation – since way before it was even called that. I’ve watched it grow and develop over the years.

I’ve watched as people found ways to rank at the top of Google, only to fall back down the rankings as Google worked out it was being manipulated and reacted accordingly (and quite rightly I ma point out).

There are various ways of making sure your site is optimised to get to the top of search engine rankings for specific phrases that people type in. I’m confident that if you want to give me a ring on 01273 25 25 75, then I can show you how you can get a great return for your money and watch your business grow and grow in its internet presence and therefore profits.

Web Design Lewes

If you’re more interested in getting a website built then please visit our Web Design Lewes page.